Dead Paper

"My letters! all dead paper, mute and white!
And yet they seem alive and quivering..."

*all collages and poems are original works by Dead Paper

i let you pass through my mind
dripping into the dark
space of my thoughts
before i fell
fast asleep.
i exhale,
i breathe
to remind
the universe
that i too
am a beautiful note
its symphony.
one of our collages is an iphone case now!
stars are delicate,
we both know that,
like hearts
or glass jars
filled to the brim
with dreams
and wishes
and lost prayers,
but still alive,
still breathing,
each a story,
a secret,
and if we listen,
if we stand here quietly
and don’t breathe,
we might hear them

the greeks called 
it an abandonment,
downfall and darkening
of a heavenly body
is that what your
shadow casts on me?
obscuring vision
engulfing emotion,
an eclipse.
before you kissed me
you whispered
something so softly
only my soul
could hear it,
and at that moment
i understood everything,
why the
and stars
and universe existed,
and why i was created
with a heart.
can we echo
louder than butterflies,
louder than mistakes,
and death, and shadows?
you’re smoldering inside
my mind, memories consumed
like cells of exposed film on fire;
a flushed and flickering mess.
in reverse
the shutter opens,
releasing light
back into the world.
what is the distance of life,
and how much time does it take
to travel through?